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Aus unserer Arbeit: The Perils of Systematic Discrimination A Danger to Justice and Equality

Ein Metallständer, an dem ein Infusionsbeutel hängt

Zum Hintergrund

Unsere Beratungsprozesse können sehr unterschiedliche Ergebnisse haben, genau so wie die Ziele und Bedürfnisse, Wünsche und Ressourcen unserer Ratsuchenden verschieden sind. Die Verarbeitung diskriminierender Erlebnisse ist ein persönlicher Prozess, für den Menschen ganz individuelle Ausdrucksformen finden. Der Autor des folgenden Textes hat sich bereits in mehreren Fällen als Ratsuchender an unsere Beratungsstelle gewandt. Nach dem hier geschilderten Vorfall, der ihn besonders erschüttert zurückließ, hatte er den Wunsch, sein Erleben in seinen eigenen Worten zu schildern und insbesondere Menschen, die selbst keine Rassismuserfahrungen machen, näherzubringen.

The Perils of Systematic Discrimination A Danger to Justice and Equality


In a society that prides itself on progress and equality, instances of racial discrimination can still rear their ugly heads, even in the most unexpected places. The following experience serves as a stark reminder of the dangers faced by individuals who dare to challenge the corporate world. Such incidents not only shatter hopes but also erode trust between ordinary people and the seemingly impenetrable walls of corporate institutions. This article aims to shed light on the perilous path of those who fight against corporate giants, armed with little more than determination and a demand for justice.

Section One: A Disturbing Encounter

I recently encountered a harrowing experience in a healthcare setting, which left me deeply shaken. Following a surgical procedure, I experienced excruciating pain that intensified after the initial dose of medication wore off. In a desperate bid for relief, I pressed the help button, only to be met with indifference and negligence from the nurse in charge. Rather than attending to my needs, she callously left the room to engage in casual conversation and laughter with others.
I reminded the nurse about her disregard for my suffering. Shockingly, she responded with callous indifference and even went as far as threatening to involve the police if I did not remain silent. The distressing turn of events triggered a panic attack, leaving me feeling harassed, threatened, and isolated. Despite being assured of continued observation, I was discharged prematurely, despite ongoing discomfort and vomiting.
This incident shattered my expectations of compassionate care within an institution that claims to save lives. As someone who faced multiple layers of discrimination, exacerbating my vulnerability and the severity of the mistreatment, it is essential to acknowledge that such unacceptable behaviour from healthcare professionals should never be overlooked, as it can happen to anyone and erodes trust in the medical system.

Section Two: The Institution's Response - A Denial of Discrimination

In response to my formal complaint, the institution's representative dismissed the allegations of racial discrimination. Their account attempted to downplay the incident and refute claims of mistreatment based on my background. They attributed the nurse's actions to communication difficulties, rather than acknowledging the power dynamics and vulnerability
of patients in such situations. The institution's response effectively undermined my experiences and emotions, eroding trust in the institution.
By denying the presence of discrimination and dismissing my claims without providing concrete evidence to support their version of events, the institution perpetuates a culture of
impunity and fails to address the systemic issues that enable such mistreatment. This response highlights the urgent need for institutions to confront their own biases and actively work towards creating an inclusive and equitable environment for all patients.

Section Three: The Danger of Systematic Discrimination

My experience illustrates the danger of systematic discrimination faced by people in similar situations. Systematic discrimination not only subjugates individuals' rights but also
perpetuates inequality and hinders their access to fair and quality care. Discrimination based on background creates multiple barriers, leaving individuals vulnerable to mistreatment and neglect within institutions that are meant to provide care and support.
Moreover, systematic discrimination erodes trust in institutions and fosters a climate of alienation. Victims of discrimination are left questioning the fairness and integrity of the
systems that should protect them. This breakdown of trust leads to further marginalization and hinders individuals from seeking the help they need, perpetuating a cycle of mistreatment and reinforcing existing inequalities.

Section Four: Standing Against Discrimination and Demanding Accountability

My experience serves as a call to action for society as a whole. It is crucial to address and condemn discrimination in all its forms, demanding accountability from institutions and
individuals involved. We must stand together in solidarity to challenge the power dynamics that enable discrimination and fight for justice and equality.
Furthermore, the judicial system plays a pivotal role in upholding justice and restoring trust.
It is essential for the judiciary to ensure that all voices are heard, regardless of the size or influence of the opposing party. By actively addressing discrimination and holding
institutions accountable, the judiciary can help rebuild trust between ordinary people and the corporate world, fostering a climate of justice and equality.


My experience serves as a reminder of the dangers faced by individuals who fight against corporate giants while enduring the burdens of systematic discrimination. The mistreatment and denial I faced, as someone with multiple layers of discrimination, underscore the urgent need for change. It is crucial to confront and dismantle systematic discrimination, fostering environments that are inclusive, just, and equitable for all. By standing together and demanding accountability, we can work towards a future where justice prevails over
discrimination, restoring trust and ensuring equality for every individual, regardless of their background or circumstances.

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