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1. Information about the incident
Who was discriminated against?

Please give a brief description of what happened: Where did the incident take place? Who discriminated against you/the other person? How did the incident end? Who else was present?

2. Details (optional)

It will be easier for us to assess your report if you are able to answer the four questions below.

Why do you think the discrimination occurred? What characteristics or assumptions was the discrimination based on?

You can give multiple answers if you need to.

e.g. due to skin colour, language, accent, name, residency status, belonging to a particular group
e.g. due to chronic illness; psychiatric assessment; learning difficulties; impairment of physical mobility, verbal communication, sensory perception, capacity or mental health
e.g. women, transgender, intersex, non binary
e.g. due to homosexuality, bisexuality, asexuality, pansexuality
any age
e.g. due to membership of a religious community, wearing religious symbols/clothing, atheism
e.g. due to level of education, income, homelessness, place of residence, social background, single parent
e.g. due to weight, body shape, appearance of skin
Where were you or the other person discriminated against?

You can give multiple answers if you need to.

e.g. authorities or agencies such as the social welfare office, youth welfare office, employment agency, immigration authority
e.g. museum, library, swimming pool
e.g. train, bus, taxi
e.g. job market, workplace, employment agency, application process, references
e.g. house hunting, tenancy
e.g. school, training, university, nursery
e.g. doctor’s surgeries, hospitals, pharmacies, treatment facilities
e.g. supermarket, specialist shop, department store, bank, insurance company, post office, telephone company
e.g. restaurant, bar, cinema, nightclub, sports club, gym, hotel
e.g. family, community, neighbourhood, living environment
e.g. press, television, radio, internet, social media
How did you become aware of the Anti Discrimination Office?
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